The Online Portfolio of Adam Benton
  • Coral Steer, Director, Purple Media Ltd

    I've been working with Adam for several years now. His skill, attention to detail and overall management of delivery is fantastic. He has taken the time to understand our business, our ways of working and goes out of his way to ensure he never misses a delivery. He ensures he works as an extension to our team, rather than an standalone freelancer, that we have to fit in with. This way of working ensures that we will continue to work with Adam for years to come.

  • Robin Dick, Art Director, Mac Life

    To work with Adam, is to work with a well oiled machine. He is the ultimate pro, and his mad skills will impress you at every stage of your project. I worked with Adam for 9 years at MacLife magazine, and I can honestly say he is an Art Director’s dream. He has a unique and aesthetic eye, never missed a deadline, and his vast knowledge of technology, his wildly creative visions, and Jedi illustration skills, made every collaboration a smooth one, and I looked forward to every assignment that he and I worked on together. He made my job easy. He is able to turn on a dime with change orders, and always delivered the most beautiful and spot on illustrations. And this was with an 8 hour time difference. One of our annual projects, aside from numerous top selling covers, was MacLife’s yearly feature of what the next big thing Apple was up to, and his wildly creative vision hit a home run every time. He does not disappoint.

  • Peter Minister, Freelance digital sculptor / illustrator

    I recently worked on a very intense project with Adam. I modelled digital creatures that Adam then rendered so beautifully. Adam, while being a superb digital modeller and sculptor, is also one of the most sympathetic and creative render artists I know. He thinks like a very experienced photographer and always seems to offer far more input than requested. I think its a testament to his skills that I can now spot an "Adam Benton" render in amongst other professionally produced renders. This is the easiest recommendation I have ever given another artist.

  • Vicky Morgan, TomTom Communications

    Adam is one of our key partners. He excels in 3d graphics and animation and is consistently good-humoured and dependable. He adds huge value by coming up with great suggestions that enhance whatever project he is working on.

  • Liam Stacy, CEO, Maxon UK

    I've been an admirer of Adam's CINEMA 4D work for a long time. His work shows off skills in a lot of 3D areas such as lighting, modelling and texturing. I'm such a fan of Adam's work that we regularly ask to showcase his latest imagery in CINEMA 4D promotional material and he has always kindly obliged.

    As well as being a great 3D artist, Adam has excellent communication and presentation skill which makes him ideal to provide CINEMA 4D training. He has trained clients at our office on bespoke courses and the feedback from trainees has always been very positive.

    I have full confidence in Adam's CINEMA 4D knowledge and so long as you wish to achieve the kind of work Adam is experienced in, I have no doubt that you will find his training invaluable.

  • Shane Felux, Panic-struck/X-ile Pictures

    Adam has done stunning work and amazing effects for us on our productions that have been award wining such as the attention of George Lucas Select and Audience Choice award, and always steps up to a challenge. Adam is a creative talent that makes things happen and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this artist, creator, and top notch professional.

  • Paul Champion, 3D World

    Commissioning Adam for Cinema 4D tutorials has yeilded great results as he works to very high standards each time. Adams knowledge and experience means he can meet the requirements of the brief with ease and to deadline. I have no hesistation about commissioning Adam again, for more tutorial content, for 3D World magazine.

  • Steve Kondris, Daz 3D productions

    Adam is a fabulous illustrator who falls among that select group of artists who can truly handle a large variety of genres and capture accurately what his client communicates. Punctual, flexible, and full of ideas. I'd recommend Adam to anyone looking to improve their graphic arts presence.

  • Jim Thacker, Editor, 3D World

    We've worked with Adam many times over the past three years on a wide range of covers, feature illustrations and technical tutorials. Each time, he has delivered excellent-quality artwork on time, and to brief, coming up with valuable creative suggestions on how to improve the project. Adam is one of 3D World's most trusted illustrators, and we've recommended his work to many of our sister magazines.