The Online Portfolio of Adam Benton
Mar 16
Corona Castle
Its not often that I have time for any personal work, or feel inclined to generate an image as social commentary… 
Aug 23
Thomas & Friends artwork
It’s funny how as a working illustrator/animator, you can kinda forget some of the various jobs, or elements you create for any given project. That is,
Oct 18
Maxon Blog publishes my entire 16 hour tutorial!
Maxon UK updated their blog today, having uploaded the entire, 16 hour sci-fi space colony tutorial I created for them, using Cinema 4D. Check it out here
Aug 09
My site gets some love on Creative Bloq!
Check out the article here!
Mar 06
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Feb 20
Nashville backdrop – update
Here’s an update on my previous post on the Nashville music-bar backdrop illustration, with a picture of the actual stage/band and backdrop in action. It’s always great to see your work in context!
Feb 14
Happy Valentines day, from Maxon and myself! <3
Maxon UK recently asked me to create a video tutorial, based on a cover illustration I previously created for MacLife magazine (see below). I decided to give this new design a
Feb 12
Nashville music bar, stage backdrop illustrations
I recently completed an illustration for ‘A Country Night in Nashville’, who are currently beginning their UK tour, recreating the music of many Country and Western legends. My brief was to
Jan 23
Website Update: Magazine tutorials added
I’ve had a few requests recently for links to tutorials I produced for various magazines in the past. The majority of them were created for 3D World, Imagine FX and 3D Artist magazines, and resided on their respective websites.
Jan 06
And another concept becomes real…
Seems a bit of a trend lately,  whilst browsing the web,  I keep seeing new tech product releases that mirror concept designs I’ve created previously! In all fairness,  this new Razer tri-screen laptop is significantly larger and aimed at the PC gaming market, but it appears to follow a very similar principal of our original Tri-Mac concept from 2008! 😉 Razer tri-screen laptop
Dec 15
I knew i’d seen that before! ;)
I was inspired to look back at one of the many Apple related product concepts I have designed and rendered over the years, after seeing the recently released MacBook Pro (2016). Seeing the ‘touch bar’, I couldn’t help but notice that we (MacLife magazine and myself) hinted at this possibility in our ‘Keyboard Touch’ design back in 2008.
Aug 23
DK Animals, now available.
I created a number of renders for Dorling Kindersley’s Animals, which is now available on their store. Check it out at the link below. DK Animals
Jul 18
Meeting Doug Chiang at SWCE 2016!
I’ve just returned from my first ever Star Wars convention – not sure why it’s taken me so long to attend one, given that I’ve been a fan since I was 7! I was thrilled to have attended a panel of one of my favourite concept artists; Doug Chiang, who took us through his working processes, and gave a lot of insight into his long running role as a major designer on the Star Wars films – I envy this man’s career history! 🙂 It was wonderful then, to find him near the exit of the convention centre talking to other fans. I couldn’t resist the photo op!  
Jul 12
War of The Worlds – Driving Martian animation clip
I’ve done a number of animations for ‘Jeff Wayne’s, WOTW – Live On Stage’ since 2010. Here is a small shot from inside a martian fighting machine depicting a martian navigating, and planning his attack. Cinema 4D and After Effects. Commissioned by Aspect Ratio. A more comprehensive selection of clips and sequences to follow…