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Apr 19

High Frontier

Last year, I was contacted by a production company about my ‘New Eden’ image, which depicts my vision of one possible design of a cylindrical space colony. Gerald K. O’Neill described his ideas for such a colony in his book of 1977, The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space. The production company were working on a documentary film of the same name, and wished to use my image, alongside some of the very same original concept artwork that helped inspire my own interpretation of the idea. I’m most proud of this, and honoured to be a contributor to a even a small part of this production!

You can view the documentary on the Space Channel, TCM, Plex and Apple TV so far. Check it out!

High Frontier ⋆ Space Channel

Based on NASA concepts of an O’Neil type cylindrical space colony, as well as RAMA.

About the Author:
Professional polygon & pixel pusher! :)

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