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DK Animals – Rendering Project

Project details

Dorling Kindersley commisioned me to produce some high quality renders for their new educational book on animals. The animals themselves were digitally sculpted in ZBrush by Peter Minister, and supplied to me in that format. I prepared the sculpted models for export to Cinema 4D, where I worked on their lighting, shading and materials, and rendered them for high quality print outout.

Software used : ZBrush / Cinema 4D / Photoshop

Related testimonial

Peter Minister, Freelance Digital Sculptor

"I recently worked on a very intense project with Adam. I modelled digital creatures that Adam then rendered so beautifully. Adam, while being a superb digital modeller and sculptor, is also one of the most sympathetic and creative render artists I know. He thinks like a very experienced photographer and always seems to offer far more input than requested. I think its a testament to his skills that I can now spot an "Adam Benton" render in amongst other professionally produced renders.

This is the easiest recommendation I have ever given another artist."

About the Author:
Professional polygon & pixel pusher! :)


  1. Arran
    August 19, 2016

    Absolutely fantastic! Adam, you and Peter make a great team and have produced brilliant artworks for the DK book. Your skills with materials and lighting are extremely impressive.

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