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Spider Animation – tutorial videos

Project Information

3D World magazine asked me to create a tutorial on the creation of a creature animation using Cinema 4D. I elected to produce a spider, and to show the creation of the walk cycles, poses, and motion sequences.
NB: This was created and recorded in 2009, so some methodology and tools may have changed somewhat, but if you'd like to have a go, you can download the un-animated spider rig below.

>> download the scenefile here <<

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

About the Author:
Professional polygon & pixel pusher! :)


  1. Owen Wells
    October 04, 2017


    I found this on youtube and it is great. I was wondering though if you have a tutorial for how you rigged this, set up constraints, Xpresso etc . This is exactly the rigging I am trying to achieve for another project and I am getting lost. Any help would be Greatly appreciated.


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