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Technology Concepts – Multiple Illustration Projects

Project Details

I have been designing and illustrating technology concepts for over a decade now, and it seems to have become a bit of a speciality, and is often requested by clients.

During this time, I have produced editorial and conceptual visuals for a number of consumer tech magazines including; MacLife, Mac Format, T3, Stuff, Maximum PC, Max Tech and PC World amongst others. The concepts have been predominantly of Apple products, but occasionaly something for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or Nikon has been realised.

The concepts have varied in scope, from the fanciful and futuristic, to the expected - although as yet, unseen. And in the case of the latter, both myself and the editorial team have been surprised upon seeing the actual products release (iPad, iPhone etc) at how close we have been in some instances.

Typically, I am given a free hand to speculate on how the item might look, whilst maintaining known Apple design motifs in my own renderings, as well as taking note of any relevent patent sketches available.

Software used : Cinema 4D / Photoshop

Related Testimonial

Robin Dick, Art Director, MacLife

"To work with Adam, is to work with a well oiled machine. He is the ultimate pro, and his mad skills will impress you at every stage of your project. I worked with Adam for 9 years at MacLife magazine, and I can honestly say he is an Art Director’s dream. He has a unique and aesthetic eye, never missed a deadline, and his vast knowledge of technology, his wildly creative visions, and Jedi illustration skills, made every collaboration a smooth one, and I looked forward to every assignment that he and I worked on together. He made my job easy. He is able to turn on a dime with change orders, and always delivered the most beautiful and spot on illustrations. And this was with an 8 hour time difference. One of our annual projects, aside from numerous top selling covers, was MacLife’s yearly feature of what the next big thing Apple was up to, and his wildly creative vision hit a home run every time. He does not disappoint."

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