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The new website is live!

After many months without a proper update, and having not been overly happy with my previous choice of WordPress theme, I finally took a couple of days to source a new look, and start the slightly daunting task of creating and importing new galleries/portfolios. From a 16 year career as an, er.. digital media artist?/illustrator/animator?… (I’m not sure what to call myself anymore!), I have a fairly extensive body of work to share – looking back objectively, it’s not all great of course, so I may be more selective as I add other content over the coming weeks!
I will finally be adding some more recent animation examples, since that has made up quite a bit of my workload this last couple of years, along with more information about my role as a Cinema 4D software trainer, and anything else I think might be of interest! 🙂

PS: This site should be ‘responsive’ on mobile devices now, which is nice! – Please let me know if you experience any issues.

PPS: I think maybe ‘Professional polygon & pixel pusher’ covers a lot of what I do? 😉

About the Author:
Professional polygon & pixel pusher! :)

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