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Kaon / Sensus – Illustration Project

Project Details

Kaon Interactive first commisioned me in 2011, to create a batch of isometric llustrations for their client Sensus. Their client creates and supplies smart technology to gather data, communicate and network various industries and utilities together autonomously.

My brief was to create semi-real looking environements and facilities, but with a clean and highly saturated look. They also wanted the perspective to be isometric, thus maintaining a consistent look across the multiple levels of distance and scale required.

The finished illustrations were then utilised within an interactive framework, allowing the end-user to navigate around the larger scale map, and click to zoom into higher levels of detail and focus.

The project remains live, and has undergone several additional illustration updates since.

Software used : Cinema 4D / Photoshop

About the Author:
Professional polygon & pixel pusher! :)

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